Top 10 Most Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day


So, Christmas holidays are over, and seems like all the magic that makes cold and hazy winter days brighter is far behind. But it’s to soon to fall into a funk as there is another great holiday coming – Valentine’s Day. And no matter what plans you and your sweetheart have for the big day – be it a romantic dinner or a day spent together at a ski resort – the best way to end it is and has always been to light up some candles, take a bottle of wine and watch a good movie about love. Check our list of the most romantic movies that will help you make this day with your Valentine full of love and romance.


1. The Notebook

The Notebook

Definitely one of the most romantic movies of all time, it tells the story of two young people, Allie and Noah, who were just meant to be together. Allie is a beautiful educated girl from a good family, Noah is just a nice guy, way out of her league. Their teenage-summer fling turns into something most people can only dream of – their love is so strong that can overcome all the barriers sent by the fortune. It’s not just the plot that makes you slop tears throughout the story, it’s also the play of the actors: from the very first shot you really believe them, you know for sure their love is real, you just feel the chemistry on the screen – and no wonder, the actors soon became a couple in real life!