Top-10 scariest video games ever


Video games are turning us into different people, getting us to new places and new worlds. And sometimes they DO scare us to death… or nearly so. If you want to get chills all over your spine and go back to your childhood, where darkness was full of terrors, you can play one of ten scariest video games ever. Our top-10 can help you find the exact one that’ll give you all the frights! Ready to be afraid?

10. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins

In the city where serial killer is on the loose, you’re the only one who can catch him. One death follows another, and you’re either going to find the killer or you’re going to become the killer – because city blames you. Hitchcock would be proud of the moment where hundreds of birds ruin the window of Central Metro Station. And you will be scared!


9. Doom 3

Video game Doom 3

This game was long-awaited, and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s about military team that has landed on Mars… and broke the gates of hell accidentally.
What’s the scare? All hell breaks loose, and you can see the monsters. They won’t leave you any chance to fall asleep at night.