Top 4 Richest Female Musicians


Every year Forbes magazine compiles a list of the richest people of the world. The lists differ by profession, gender, age and so on. And this year is no different. While the top 4 among the riches female musicians is no surprise, positioning within this list was rather surprising for some. Anyways, let’s look at the richest women in music of 2019.

4. Beyonce


With a fortune of $400 million Beyonce lands on a 4th place on this list. In April 2019 Queen Bey released a live album «Homecoming» and the joint stadium tour with her husband Jay-Z made the family roughly $5 million per night, totaling to more than $250 million overall. Earlier this year Netflix has released a special about her already close to legendary 2018 concert at Coachella.

All of this, together with ex-Destiny’s Child singer’s new partnership to relaunch the activewear line Ivy Park helped her land among the richest female musicians in the world. And in order to be fair, let’s add that the joint net fortune of Beyonce and Jay-Z is close to $1 billion and it is much more than any other family of musicians globally.

3. Celine Dion

Celine Dion Source:

Even though everyone knows Celine Dion as a singer, most of her $450 mil fortune comes from her Las Vegas residencies. In fact, most of her performances are being done in Las Vegas where the famous Canadian performs roughly 70 times a year.

At the same time, she has sold around 220 million albums worldwide. Yet, most of her tour and album revenues come from the United States. And, of course, her being a spokesperson of L’Oreal Paris adds to her and the brand’s popularity making both a bulk of money.