Top 5 Celebrities Who Used to be Ugly


Everyone’s got pictures from their school life they are terribly ashamed of and would do anything so that noone could ever see how ugly they used to be. Yet some celebrities who are now considered style icons and adored by millions of fans around the world are no different. They may now look perfect thanks to the army of stylists, personal fitness trainers and sometimes even plastic surgeons, but years back, before they became famous, they used to be normal kids wearing braces and glasses and totally unaware of the essential style secrets.

Here are top 5 most stunning examples of how an ugly duckling can turn into a beautiful swan and gain the love of millions.

Demi Moore

Demie Moore


Could you have guessed that this funny-looking boy with specs and a shy smile is in fact a beautiful actress and model Demi Moore years ago? This can hardly be seen in the picture, but Demi was cross-eyed as a child so two surgeries had to be done to correct that.