Top 5 Incredible Celebrity Weight Changes


Life of the top Hollywood celebrities always seems brighter and easier than that of the ordinary people. They earn good money, can afford clothes, cars, houses and vacations one could only dream of – literally the whole world belongs to them and there is hardly anything they would not be able to cope with. And how they look! Always perfect! Seems they were born sharply dressed, with make up on, and, of course, with impeccable bodies.
But some celebrities are not afraid of experiments and love to shock their fans with incredible changes of their appearance, and somehow this makes them more even popular, though the changes are not always positive.

1. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Fat

Not always experiments with the weight end up in a successful way. And the problem is not only about the health. Ryan Gosling, a famous actor and the idol for millions of women from all the world, must be terribly regretting having put himself in danger by gaining too much weight.


For the role of the murdered girl’s grieving father in Peter Jackson’s 2009 movie “The Lovely Bones” Gosling gained 60 pounds. It must have been a rather pleasant process, as the main means of gaining weight was drinking cartons of melted ice-cream. Ryan was sure he looked exactly like his character need to look and was very satisfied with the work he had done for the movie. But turned out Jackson’s vision of a character was quite different from that of Gosling, and the actor was fired right after he showed up on set. So the situation turned tragic for the actor: not only he became fat, but lost the part in the movie he was so hoping for.