Top Craziest Celebrity Diets


Many Hollywood celebrities are famous not only for great performances but also for scandals, gossips and of course for diets they keep to. The more fit the star looks, the more efficient and popular her or his diet is believed to be. Sometimes these diets can be rather exotic or even extreme. Let’s have a look at some examples.

Chocolate Diet: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Chocolate Diet


Let’s start this list with the most pleasant diet – the chocolate one. This way of losing weight proves to be really effective as it is known to be prciced by one of the hottest stars ever – Jennifer Lopez. Eating only chocolate, nothing but chocolate – for any fan of sweets this diet is obviously the most attractive one. On the other hand it may happen to be not so pleasant. Eating unlimited quantity of chocolate during several days and drinking only sugar free coffee can turn it into the real torture. One should think twice before starting it.