Top Craziest Celebrity Diets


Baby Food Diet: Jennifer Aniston and Madonna

Jennifer Aniston Madonna Baby Food Diet

One of the weirdest diets one has ever heard of is the Baby Food one. All these tiny portions of nutritious and healthy food will help to get rid of several extra kilos. The trick is to limit oneself up to 14 servings a day with small “adult” supper before going to bed. What are the downsides? It’s completely different from the taste of food one has got used to and it’s pretty costly. Not a big deal though for such superstars as Jennifer Aniston and Madonna who used to be on Baby Food Diet.


Whiskey Diet: Lady Gaga

Lada Gaga whiskey diet

Forget about positioning the Baby Food Diet as the weirdest one. Drinking whiskey – that is the basics of our champion among the crazy diets. Lady Gaga borrowed this strange way of losing weight from her boyfriend – a former rock-star. According to her words the way it works is as follows: you drink whiskey while you work, and you must do your exercises no matter how hard your hangover can be.