Tori Spelling Says She’s Worried of Her Kids being Bullied


Tori Spelling may be a celebrity but her popularity didn’t stop her kids from being bullied. The mom felts worried that her eldest children with husband Dean McDermott namely Stella, 11, and Liam, 12, are being bullied at school.

She posted on Instagram about how much her children are suffering from bullying and how it has affected their physical and mental well-being. She said that her two 1st born are being bullied and she couldn’t help but share and express themselves.

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My two 1st born… they have been thru so much bullying I can no longer not share and express ourselves – Stella is 11. She was 1 in this pic. Innocent little being that only knew unconditional love, honesty, exploration, & kindness. Her beautiful heart, full of hope. Between her last year at her elementary school or the 1st year at her middle school this human has endured enough bullying for a lifetime. Her old school in Encino, we were told she is acting like “ Patient zero” and “she’s playing the victim” & “ we are talking to the parents of that said bully” and “he is trying to change”. He never did! Never any consequences for his actions towards my daughter and other kids. This child’s parents are on the board of the school. They give a lot of money to this school. Financially, we aren’t able too. So, they won. We then moved kiddos to another school. One, that professed feelings and kindness as a priority. This time, my daughter was bullied so bad ( including comments about her weight and sexual things he said that my daughter didn’t even know about.). This school did the right thing and expelled the boy but the damage had been done. She now associates her education with boys that have been so horrific to her. She wanted to empower others girls and be a business leader. She now has panic attacks and doesn’t want to return to school. This girl, 2 years ago told me she wanted to be President or work to empower women daily. – Liam, my 1st born, is a fiesty funny guy. 2 thumbs up in this pic at 2 years old. He graduated last year from Encino but not without the principal telling us he was “ unmotivated “ & lazy. Poor guy thought from way he was treated by her that he was “stupid”. Beyond not the case. He is a hilarious, smart, outgoing, and a creative kind guy! Then, he started his new middle school. Same school as Stella. He was bullied to the point that he developed severe emotional based headaches and stomach aches. This school ( who did help with Stella’s situation) did not help with Liams. He continued to be bullied so bad we had to leave. Was hesitant to post this bc as celebs we are sometimes judged for having problems others have 😢#worriedmomma

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She started by talking about Stella who suffered from bullying from her last year of elementary school to her first year in middle school. According to Spelling, her old school in Encino said that she was always playing the victim and acting like “Patient zero”. They talked with the parents of the bully who, according to them, was trying to change but didn’t. Spelling added that the child’s parents are on the school board and they gave a lot of money to the school which they weren’t able to do so that’s why they won.

Stella was transferred to another school but she was bullied again. This time she suffered from comments regarding her weight and also of sexual things that the girl has no idea of. The school expelled the boy but it was too late because the dame had been done. Stella wanted to be a business leader and to empower other girls but now she’s suffering from panic attacks and refuses to go to school.

On the other hand, in the case with Liam, his elementary school principal told them that he was unmotivated and lazy. Spelling defended that their son is hilarious, smart, outgoing, and creative. When he started middle school I the same school as Stella’s, he was also bullied up to the extent that he developed emotional based headaches and stomachaches. The school didn’t do anything to help him so the parents decided to leave.

Spelling wrote that she was hesitant to post about her children’s experiences because celebrities are sometimes judges because they have problems like other people.


But bullying doesn’t only happen in schools but also online. The couples experienced having their family bullied on social media. Last year, trolls criticized their children’s weight and clothes. McDermott himself slapped back at these trolls by posting how horrified and disgusted he was of the comments of these strangers regarding their children.

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