Valentine’s Day Dating Tips for Singles


So it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re all alone. Obviously, your friends all have their partners to celebrate with them the most romantic time of the year. But did you know that this special day isn’t just for couples? Even if you’re single, you can still have a blast! You’re not the only one faced with the dilemma of being single and maybe dateless during V-day. Instead of sulking in a corner and feeling sorry for yourself, be positive and try these tips for singles:

Date yourself

The best solution to not having a date on Valentine’s is by dating yourself. You got that right! Reserve a table for yourself in one of the best restaurants in your area and when the day comes, dress yourself up like you would on an actual date. Wear your best dress or suit. When dining, order whatever you want because you deserve nothing but the best. Afterward, you can hang out in a bar and have a drink or you can go home and enjoy a movie.

Have fun with single friends

For sure you’re not the only one single among your circle of friends. Why not gather together for a single’s Valentine’s Day party? You can have it at your place or at a friend’s house. It will be so much fun to spend the day with other singles by dancing or listening to music, drinking wine or beer, and watching romantic movies on TV. You can go the extra mile by decorating the venue with red and white paper trimmings or paper heart cut-outs.

Pamper yourself

Since you don’t have someone to buy presents for this Valentine’s Day, why not use the money to pamper yourself? You can set an appointment with your favorite salon and have a mani-pedi done or have a whole new makeover. On the other hand, you can go to a spa where you can have a whole-body massage, facial, the works! At the end of the day, you’ll look and feel amazing. You’ll also feel more appreciative of being single.


So don’t worry too much about being single on Valentine’s Day. There are many things you can do to make yourself happy and loved. Remember that your happiness doesn’t depend on others.