Woodstock Turns 50: Fans Gather In Bethel, NY To Celebrate


Just days after the legendary Beatles Abbey Road photo turned 50 there is an other one half-century milestone to celebrate. The original Woodstock festival took place 50 years ago, and fans from all over the world are gathering to celebrate that date.

Woodstock Crowd
Source: woodstock.com

The Woodstock festival took place on August 15 – 18, 1969 in Bethel, NY. It attracted an unprecedented crowd of more than 400,000 people. It was an act of peace and love that united music fans of different generations from all over the world.

Not many remember this, but it was also alternatively called the Bethel Rock Festival or the Aquarian Music Festival. And while it poured rain, 32 acts still performed outdoors for the gathered fans.

And while not many people back then new about the small town of Bethel 180 km north of New York, the festival has made the location famous all over the globe. Since then it was put on the National Register of Historic Places and has been visited by thousands of fans.


And now, 50 years later, fans are coming to the famous sight to celebrate music. Arlo Guthrie is set to perform on the famous field, opening for the documentary about the legendary festival. John Fogerty, Ringo Starr and Carlos Santana are also set to perform throughout the three days of the event.

This year it is not so easy to visit the sight of the festival. Everyone, who wants to join needs to purchase an event ticket, as well as ticket passes to drive to the field.

The festival Woodstock 50, that was supposed to be a spin off of the original event was cancelled recently. Yet, if you are a festival fan, there are still a bunch of festival held around the US, which you can join to feel the free spirit of music. As reported earlier, the line up for Farm Aid 2019 has been announced recently and it is definitely one to look after.