World Cat Day: Best Photos And History


World Cat Day is real and it is here! Every August 8th the world is going crazy celebrating World Cat Day, or, as it is officially called International Cat Day. But in reality, isn’t every day a cat day?

International Cat Day History

The holiday was created in 2002 and all the cat lovers worldwide should thank International Fund for Animal Welfare for it. It’s popularity has been growing since all around the globe.

But the idea is not only to celebrate and play with cats, which most cat owners do anyways, and rather to raise awareness of importance of protecting cats and their impact on ecosystem. It is supposed to be an educational day and help people understand that we should take care of animals around us.

And in order to support the cause, we’d like to remind our readers about some interesting facts about cats not many people know.



Okay, now that we know all that useful information, it’s time for something most people love their cats for: cuteness!

Here are some of the cutest Instagram posts dedicated to this year’s World Cat Day.

What you drinking, human?

Enemies? Never heard of it.

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#worldcatday ❤️

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Bunk beds: cats style.

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Heute ist #weltkatzentag !!! Wir feiern heute zusammen mit unseren #pawrents und genießen den Tag ❤ . . Ein Wort zum Weltkatzentag von #meowmy und #pawpy: . Wir schätzen uns jeden Tag wahnsinnig glücklich, dass wir unsere kleinen #Schmusetiger haben! Wir sind völlig verrückt nach ihnen und freuen uns auch sehr darüber, dass wir unsere Freude hier teilen können 🙂 Louie und Maja haben unser Leben auf eine Art und Weise bereichert, die wir uns davor gar nicht vorstellen konnten ❤ . . #louieandmaja #worldcatday #instakitten #instacat #catsoftheworld #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #stubentiger #mieze #miau #meow #cutecatcrew #teampfötchenliebe #cutekitten #cutecat #kitten #cats #katzenliebe❤️ #katzen #katzenliebe #katzenfreunde #ilovemycat

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We are showering here, human.