You Won’t Believe Martha Stewart’s Go-To Snack


Who would’ve thought that Martha Stewart has her own guilty pleasure? The lifestyle maven stocks her refrigerator with an array of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from her Connecticut farm, but when it comes to something which is a bit not food-wise, her go-to snack can’t be found growing in the ground.

Stewart is known for her healthy eating habits but she never revealed before that her guilty pleasure involves single slices of American cheese. The 78-year-old New Jersey native opens up about her favorite cheat food and her reason to feel a bit shy about her consumption of the popular topping.

As a fact, most cheeses are made by curdling milk, but American cheese is a processed product that is made from a mixture of milk, milk fats and solids together with other fats and whey protein. In that statement, we can typically say that American cheese is filled with additives.

The Martha’s American Food author is also into less-guilt-inducing cheese varieties. She made a pit stop at Grafton Village Cheese Co in Vermont in December 2017 and posed a photo with some of her fans. She tweeted about that moment saying she met a bunch of snowboarders from CONN who also love cheese.

Although making American cheese is an exception for Stewart, she tries to steer clear of foods that are packed with preservatives. As she said, she doesn’t really like truffle oil and she tries to avoid foods that are overly processed.

When it comes to foods she can’t live without, the star hosted two events that were sold out on the weekend of February 22 and 23 at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in Florida where she proved how much she loves things that are healthy. With several Instagram posts made by Stewart on her recent jaunt on Florida, it can be seen that she truly enjoyed the event. She also shared her go-to party trick and shared two snapshots of herself as she stacked several wine glasses on top of one another. She even mentioned jokingly that her favorite balancing act is stacking wine glasses.  In another photo, Stewart advised not to drink too much if you are wearing a very expensive outfit.


So what are you waiting for? Try American cheese for your guilty pleasures and discover why Martha Stewart loves them.