Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Green Dress Has “Knock-Off” Version and Versace Isn’t Happy


Remember the stunning tropical green gown Jennifer Lopez worn at the Grammys in 2000? It was an iconic plunging dress that launched Google images. Turned out that Fashion Nova created a “knock-off” version of that dress and now Versace has filed a lawsuit against them for “Flagrant infringement of” that famous dress.

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Legendary 2000 Versace dress remade in 2019

The court documents stated that such action is a form of injunctive relief and damages to infringement of Versace’s apparel which is protected by copyright as well as trademark and trade dress by Fashion Nova which is a retailer and serial infringer that specializes in “knock-offs”.

Moreover, Versace claimed that Fashion Nova directly copied the Jennifer Lopez “Jungle Pattern” dress as well as other dresses from their fashion line such as their “Barocco 57” design which is a heart-print evening gown which debuted last year during their Fall 2019 collection preview.

Fashion Nova Green Dress Versace
Fashion Nova Green Dress

Moreover, the court documents revealed that without the license or consent from Versace, Fashion Nova still made, marketed and sold clothes using exact or substantially the same designs as copyrighted by Versace. They also alleged that Fashion Nova is copying designs protected by “registered copyrights” which are exclusive to the fashion powerhouse alone which was founded by designer Gianni Versace way back in 1978.

In addition, such imitations of Versace’s designs together with other protected elements exclusive to the brand can create consumer confusion. They also claimed that this isn’t the first offense that Fashion Nova committed in terms of infringement.


Fashion Nova was launched in 2013 and since then it has been sued eight times by other designers including Adidas for copyright and trademark infringement. Versace isn’t the only victim and with this lawsuit, they’re hoping to finally put an end to Fashion Nova’s attempts of copying the hard work of another world-class designer.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez wore an updated version of that iconic jungle dress as she walked the runway during the Milan Fashion Week. It was a dramatic moment when Donatella Versace called out through Google’s Alexa to view the dress the star worn during the 2000 Grammys. A few seconds later she asked to see the real dress and that’s when Lopez sashayed her way out in a revamped version of the epic gown.

Interestingly, the revived dress looked perfect on J Lo even 19 years later. Some say that it is due to her diet that she’s been following for a while.