Kate Moss’ Daughter is the New Face of Marc Jacobs Beauty


Kate Moss’ daughter is following in her footsteps to be the next supermodel. Lila Moss, 17, is a rising model ready to join her mom in the spotlight after seeing her in the catwalk and landing numerous fashion and beauty campaigns.

Lila broke the news last Tuesday that she is the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty 2019. In fact, she already got her first campaign with Marc Jacobs which she shared through an Instagram post. She captioned her post saying that she’s excited to share the brand’s new Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner.

Lila Moss for Marc Jacobs Beauty Instagram
Source: Instagram | @lilamoss

Meanwhile, Marc Jacob’s Global Artistry Advisor, Nikki de Jager, created Lila’s makeup look using three colorful liners with a classic black shade from the latest collection. Nikki is also famous for her YouTube channel called Nikki Tutorials. In fact, she also posted about how excited she was to show the look she did on Lila on her Instagram. The beauty guru said that the new beauty must-haves are the liquid versions of the brand’s original Highliner. She added that it’s the shiniest long-lasting liner she ever used.

This isn’t actually the first time that Lila did a campaign for Marc Jacobs and she’s honored to be working again with the brand. She had her first campaign with them in 2018. She said she has known some of the people behind the brand like Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs.

She admitted she’s not a master at applying eyeliner yet but she had taught her supermodel mom how to apply highlighter in the right places. In return, her mom taught her how to curl her eyelashes effectively using an eyelash curler by starting at the bottom instead of in the middle.


This mother and daughter tandem often give each other makeup tips and when they’re not, Kate is teaching her some modeling techniques.

According to Lila, the best lesson she learned from her mom is to work hard, be polite to everyone, and be comfortable with whatever she’s doing.

Kate Moss’ daughter isn’t far from making her parents proud. She said that even if she shares the same last name as her mom, she has to work hard and gain the trust and respect in the modeling industry.