Kim Kardashian is Willing to Compromise with Husband on How She Dresses


We all know how Kim Kardashian loves to wear revealing clothes that show off her sexy figure. There were times when she dressed up in body-hugging and almost naked outfits that left nothing to the imagination. Well this will changed as she compromised with husband, Kanye West, regarding her choice of clothes.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Collage
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Collage | Attribution: [CC BY 3.0]

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians said that she is willing to compromise and in fact, she actually agrees with the idea but she also emphasized that she would always be her own person. She revealed that they had this conversation regarding what is too much when it comes to her outfits. She said that she’s already a mother with four children and will be turning 40 next year. The question is when is the time to stop dressing up like she normally does.

Her husband himself said that her 2019 Met Gala dress was too sexy. According to him, he just made a transition from being a rapper and seeing his wife dressing up like other girls who are showing off their bodies was affecting his soul and spirit. He added that a corset is a form of underwear and it’s hot. But hot for whom exactly?

On the other hand, Kardashian said that it was actually West who helped her build the confidence to show off her body and she understood where she was coming from. She said that she is her husband and she wants to honor him and his feelings, plus he’s been going through this change in his life. However, it’s mostly about their kids too because they’re getting older and West is very conscious about what they have in their house. In fact, they already removed the television in their children’s rooms and even have makeup removed from North’s room.


Meanwhile, the star said that to compromise is very important in making a marriage work. She said they had discussions and fights but that’s what marriage is about. She added that she respects him and she totally compromises.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing less of Kim Kardashian in revealing clothes? She’s willing to compromise for the sake of her marriage and family and that’s what’s important.