Ralph Lauren Creates A New Friends Collection


Friends fans now got one more way to celebrate their favorite show. An American fashion brand Ralph Lauren together with Bloomingdale’s released a special collection inspired by the legendary TV Series Friends.

Friends Collection Ralph Lauren
Friends Collection Ralph Lauren | Source: ralphlauren.com

The line has been developed specially to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show and is already available for purchase. The designer brand and Bloomingdale’s have partnered with Warner Bros. for this line and to be honest with you, it is absolutely wonderful.

The brands and theme has not been chosen randomly. Every die-hard fan remembers, that Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, worked at both companies throughout the show. And it is Rachel, who was the fashion role-model in the series.

The collection features animal-print coats, suede boots, statement-making suits and pleated mini-skirts. Yet the cherry on of the cake is definitely the famous shoes Monica purchased despite Chandler’s protest. Interesting, will they be just as uncomfortable as the ones in the show?


Now it actually became easier to act like one of your favorite characters. We are just waiting for someone to where them all and quote the famous Joey line: “Could I be wearing any more clothes?”


Not long ago, another fashion brand Mini Boden released a Harry Potter themed kids clothing line. So the trend to celebrate favorite series is on. It is just different for different generations. Yet, can you imaging how cute it would be seeing Joey walking down the street with a little Ron from Harry Potter movies? This is simple awesome.