Victoria Beckham Reveals What She And David Do In Bed


Victoria Beckham has recently made a rather surprising ‘coming out’ about what she and her husband David do in bed. English singer, designer and business woman told Glamour that she and David Beckham spend their alone time in bed pampering each other with face masks, according to Mirror.

Victoria Beckham
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The pop star, who became famous for being one of the Spice Girls, revealed that her and David are using no regular products. Victoria mention that the couple indulges in luxury skin products, which apparently are made of Moroccan argan oil and lava clay. And this, in their opinion counts as a quality alone time.

The couple, supposedly, takes care of each other’s looks equally well. And that is clearly seen by the way David Beckham looks, despite what people thought. According to Victoria, skincare should not be gender specific. “Men and women can enjoy this,” she said.

Victoria also said that she is taking a step back from extreme diets is trying to not skip meals anymore. All of that, because she wants to the the best role model for her and David’s kids.


And even despite allowing herself a little more than she might have before, the 45-year-old designer looks absolutely amazing. Both her, and her husband David Beckham are still one of the best looking popular couples out there, and we can now assume, that skincare definitely contributes a lot to it.