Bella Thorne Says She Was Molested Her Whole Life With A Topless Instagram Post

Bella Thorne spoke out about her history of abuse in a topless Instagram post, that went viral in just hours.

Former Disney star posted topless photos of herself on Instagram with an extremely touchy and brave statement where she revealed she was abused her whole life, including her childhood. And even more, she blames only herself.

What is wrong with me?” asks Thorne referring to her always needing “Validation from everyone but mostly men“.

Just days after announcing that she will be directing a movie for Pornhub Bella Thorne reflects on wether sex is all she can give to the world. “Exposed to sex at such a young age it’s all I know how to offer to the world…or is it because I was raised to think I wasn’t good enough.” she writes.

Throughout the poem Bella repeatedly states that she has always considered herself “not good enough” for everyone and everything.

Bella Thorne also reflects on her current relationship with Benjamin Mascolo. She says, that while everyone tells her to be single, and live for herself, all she wants is him.


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What is wrong with me? Why do I always need Validation from everyone but mostly men… Everyone keeps telling me to be single, be alone, and make your self happy. But All those things sound so fucking scary to me. all I want is him. I want him to hold me, I want him to love me, I want him to tell me it’s ok, I want him to look me in the eyes and let me know I’m accepted. Why? Because I can’t accept myself. For some reason in my head I’m just not fucking good enough. Not good enough for him or Her or anyone else. And if it’s not him I just look for the “next” him, or her Why can’t I just look for the next me? Find me and accept me. Was it because I was molested my whole life. Exposed to sex at such a young age it’s all I know how to offer to the world…or is it because I was raised to think I wasn’t good enough. Not good enough for her or anything else. But it doesn’t matter what happened to me.. What matters is whats happening to me right now. I can’t blame my childhood, in fact I can’t blame anyone for anything. All I can do is blame me. I blame me for not loving myself. I blame me for not thinking I’m attractive, I blame me for putting this on everyone around me. Expecting people to love me enough for me to love myself. But at the end of the day that will never happen. Because the only way to get to your end goal is to work through it. Not around or above or try and find a cheat code so you don’t have to hurt as much. You have to hurt in this world. Hurting, loving, and accepting. That’s what our emotional world lays on. Right now I only have one of those things. Can you guess what it is? Hurting. Right now I only hurt…but I’m not hurting for other people no I’m only hurting myself. By not loving me and by not accepting me. Usually these free handed writing bits..they have an end, but I don’t have an end. I’m still figuring it out as always. So is that ok? Is it ok to know what your end goal Is but absolutely no way or idea how to achieve it. It’s probably not but I can only start by accepting it. This poem is about mommy and daddy and me and you ❤️ #thelifeofawannabemogul

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Could this poem be a hidden cry out to Benjamin? Who knows, maybe this coming out is dedicated to Thorne’s boyfriend and her need to tell him that he accepts her the way she is.

The reaction to the post is also overwhelming. Many Instagram users seem to relate to the statement and write their comments of support.

So many people need to hear this. You are so powerful with your words. I hope you are able to realize how special you as a person are and I can say that without even knowing you. As a human you are amazing and beautiful. Youre beautiful because you have depth to your soul, knowledge, and courage to admit this to yourself that 99% of people can never do in their lifetime.” said a user miisslizzy under her post.


Famous American entertainer Paris Hilton wrote: “You are so open, honest and real. This made me cry. 😍😢 Love you babe❤️”. And a singer and actress Demi Lovato also seems to relate to the problem: “So inspiring dude. And never related more. So so beautiful. Thank you for your vulnerability angel 💗”.