Chrissy Teigen is John Legend’s “The One”


People’s newest Sexiest Man Alive, John Legend, graced the front cover of the magazine in the latest issue. The 40-year-old The Voice coach declared his undying love for Chrissy Teigen during an exclusive interview with People. He believes that their husband and wife tandem has a lot of chemistry. He even considers his 33-year-old wife as a best friend as well as praised her for being a good mother to their kids.

Chrissy Teigen is John Legend's "The One"
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Collage

His wife is his source of inspiration for his love songs including one of his best hits “All of Me”. They first met in 2006 during Legend’s music video for “Stereo” and after a long time of courting Teigen, they finally exchanged their vows on a dream-like wedding in Lake Como in 2013.

According to the singing icon, his wife’s humor and no-holds-bard personality and wits made their moments wonderful and endearing. People often see them exchanging witty conversations as well as laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Legend confessed that his wife’s rare compliments make him say “aw” but he wouldn’t suggest receiving a daily dose of those compliments.

Most people perceive the singer as a sweet and romantic husband but according to him, he prefers to be a “rock” for his wife. For him being a husband is being a good listener to his partner’s needs and wants. It is effectively communicating with your partner. It includes being the person they can rely on. Someone whom they can trust and someone they can call in times of need. And the singer sincerely hopes that he is that someone to his wife.


However, bread and butter they may seem, they too have contrast. Legend admitted that he is more into sports compared to his wife. Sunday scenarios would probably Legend, watching a football game on the laptop sound down while they both sit on the couch watching a reality show on high volume.

Growing up on different cultures, the couple encourages their kids, Luna, 3 ½ years old, and Miles, 18 months, to embrace and respect their different traditions. John Legend grew up in a black family in Ohio while his wife is a half-Thai, half-Norwegian-American family.