Dave and Odette Annable Say Goodbye to 9 Years of Marriage


After nine years together, Dave and Odette Annable are finally saying goodbye to their nine-year marriage. The couple announced their split on Tuesday through an exclusive joint statement to PEOPLE.

Dave and Odette Annable Say Goodbye to 9 Years of Marriage
Collage Dave and Odette Annable| Source: U.S. Department of State [Public domain] & Rach [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

The celebrity couple said that it is with heavy hearts that they decided to separate and that it was a mutual decision. They added that their primary concern is their daughter and they are still committed to co-parenting together. Thus they joined to the list of celebrity couples who are not together anymore.

Their 9 years of marriage was marked this month since they tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony in Ojai, California. Looking back, 200 people attended their wedding, including their friends and family. Odette walked down the aisle to The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love,” before one of Dave’s Brothers and Sisters castmates made their union official. 

Five years later, the couple was given a beautiful blessing named Charlie Mae Annable.  During the birth of their child, Dave shared on Instagram how happy they were with the arrival of their little angel. In his post, he welcomed his baby girl who was born on September 7 which was the same day as Labor Day. Moreover, the actor shared that he was proud that his daughter has a mother like Odette, who made from heaven.

Through the years, the couple has kept their lives open for fans via their respective Instagram accounts. Many of their candid and funny anecdotes about married life had become popular on social media. Their cute posts made them a staple on everyone’s Instagram feed. 


However, in June, Dave didn’t post much on social media anymore after revealing that he thought Instagram was causing him to go through depression and anxiety. He shared that he was saying goodbye to all the time he spent mindlessly scrolling his feed as anxiety kicked in with every “following” and “unfollowing” among others. However, he remained to follow his wife just to make sure she didn’t talk too much about him.

The actor confirmed that he will be staying active with posting as it is now a part of his job but he will no longer compare his life what he sees on social media. The last photo he posted with his wife in July was a throwback when she was still pregnant. On the other hand, Odette posted a photo of them together on a red carpet in September.

At this moment, Dave and Odette Annable are asking everyone to respect their privacy during this difficult time.

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