Jeffree Star Refutes Spreading Rumors on Nathan Schwandt After Split


Rumors are circulating about Nathan Schwandt, and Jefree Star denies it after their breakup.

Jefree Star
Source: Youtube | jefreestar

On Saturday morning, the makeup guru, Jefree Star confirmed the breakup that took place between him and Nathan Schwandt. The pair has spent five years together, and now it came to an end. Later that evening, the 34-year-old YouTuber posted on his Instagram story the denial of rumors that claimed that Nathan has already moved on from the split and was seen hanging out with a woman. He shared a photo of Nathan inside his mansion in California and calmly smoking in the table. He said that Nathan was a dog all day which is a way for him to show that he denies all the rumors.

Star has shared his thoughts on people asking if he and Nate are hanging out at the moment. The makeup guru shared that he was visiting his Grandma Mary, who will be turning 103 in July. He shared that his grandma longs for him, and he visits her a lot these days. In his point, instead of leaving his security guards or his team on watching his dogs, he’d rather have Nathan watch them as he was also part of raising the dogs. Moreover, Star and Nathan felt like it was a needed action to let the people know that he is actually in Star’s mansion because a lot of false speculations have been spreading.


Star pointed out that dating anyone else at this very moment have not crossed both of their minds. He is more concerned about the days he cried his eyes out than looking for anybody to date. He also added how this time was very hard for them, and he wanted to set the record straight. He doesn’t want any of them to be disrespected and extended his gratitude to the Star family, who have sent supportive comments.

Nathan, on the other hand, has not commented anything about the split. 

In a YouTube video uploaded on Star’s channel, he said that he and Nathan would be friends forever, and he will always be in his life.