Kylie Jenner, Drake Dating Rumors Continue; Travis Scott Still Loves Jenner


Kylie Jenner and Drake have been friends for a long time and it’s because of this that despite dating rumors, the two never confirmed that they’re in a romantic relationship. They’ve been spending time together but the two don’t want to jeopardize their friendship.

Kylie Jenner, Drake Dating Rumors Continue
Kylie Jenner And Drake Collage

Last week, a representative of the reality star told People that Jenner isn’t dating though she sees drake occasionally. However, it doesn’t seem serious at all. On the other hand, sources at US Weekly said that the Kylie Cosmetics mogul and Drake are romantically interested in each other and always have been.

The two don’t want to cross any boundaries and put their friendship on the line. Drake doesn’t want to take a fatherly role with Stormi, Jenner, and ex-boyfriend Travis Scott’s daughter. He himself has a son named Adonis with Sophie Brussaux, a former adult film star. He just wants to have fun with the reality star.

Jenner and the 33-year-old rapper were seen getting cozy during Drake’s Halloween party with people seeing the flirting with each other. They were obviously together at that time. Further, Drake was also present during Kendall Jenner’s birthday.


Jenner is technically single at the moment after confirming on October 3 that she and Scott were no longer together. She said that they are on great terms and they’re main focus is Stormi. She added that their friendship and their daughter are a priority.

On the other hand, a source exclusively told US Weekly that Travis Scott still very much loves Jenner and that she is always in his heart. He described their relationship as something that was too fast too soon. He still loves her but he also wanted to live his life and travel as well as be with other people and not worrying about going back to his family.

Jenner and Scott welcomed Stormi in February 2018. A few months before they split, the 28-year-old rapper shut down cheating rumors, He posted on his Instagram Story that he was really affected by the false things thrown at him. He said that these cheating stories were false and that he is focusing on his life, music, and family.