Not So Sexy: 20 Year-Old Prediction of How David Beckham Would Look Like


We all know David Beckham as a sex symbol of British football, stylish and self confident. His looks are being copied by thousands of fans worldwide, and he and his wife are always portrayed as one of the most stylish couples in the world. But 20 years ago, some didn’t believe he would be so attractive in 2020.

Ian Walker, a Twitter user, was going through some old magazines of a famous British FourFourTwo edition from 1998. And then he saw something that surely made thousands of people around the globe laugh. We can only imagine how surprised he was, when he found an old picture of how the editors imagined David Beckham would look in 2020.

David Beckham 20 Year Old Prediction

To be fair, David Beckham still has a year to change his looks to fit the predicted look. But honestly, don’t think he would be able to do so, given some consider him to be even better looking now, then he used to be while being a player.

In case you don’t follow David’s career, he is currently preparing his new team Inter Miami to play its first ever season in the highest US football league, MLS. The club from Florida will start the journey in 2020.

And recently, the new club shared its vision for the new Lockhart Stadium Community Part and future home to the club’s professional training facilities.

Inter Miami Training Facility

The new stadium is also expected to be amazing. The spectacular view has been shared by the official club’s Twitter account.

Inter Miami CF Stadium