Top 9 Most Expensive Football Transfers of Summer 2016


9. Alvaro Morata

From: Juventus
To: Real Madrid

Alvaro Morata transfer to  Real Madrid

One of the most interesting transfers of the year, as Morata has already played in Real where he didn’t perform before. He was then given a chance in Juventus but after two years in the team Real Madrid decided that they wanted their forward back and paid €30 mln for him to play in the team.


8. Sadio Mane

From: Southampton
To: Liverpool

Sadio Mane transfer to Liverpool

The club’s management paid close to €42 mln for this transfer. Senegalese player will help his new team together with multiple other new players in it. He has taken a “No. 19” which was considered the least successful in the Premier League history. But it is up to him to change it and become a new leader for his new team. He will also play with another new player Shkodran Mustafi whose transfer cost around the same as Mane’s.