Turkish Soccer Club Signs a Player By Mistake Then Sacks Him in Just 24 Hours


Turkish soccer club Menemenspor accidentally purchased a wrong player and then sacked him in just 24 hours. According to Foroyaa, Alpha Jallow, a Gambian soccer player has been approached by the scouts of the Turkish club Menemenspor and obviously accepted the offer to join their team. Yet, the club managers had no intention to by this particular player.

Alpha Jallow’s journey to Menemenspor

The player’s representatives made all the necessary arrangements for Alpha Jallow to join Menemenspor. And the deal was brokered in almost no time.

Yet, after the player came to Turkey he was let go. The official reason was that Alpha Jallow didn’t pass all the necessary medial tests, but in reality the club’s scouts simply mistook the player for someone else.

Lamin Jallow | Source: redbull.com

In fact, Menemenspor did want to purchase Jallow. However the one they were interested in to play for their team was another Gambian soccer player Lamin Jallow.

Lamin Jallow is a Gambian national team player and, just as Alpha Jallow is a striker. He currently plays for the Italian second-tier team Salernitana. According to a popular soccer website, his market value is around 1 600 000 Euro. It is unclear how much the club paid for Alpha. His market value is not estimated by the resource.


According to Foroyaa, because of the incident Alpha is actually left without a club right now and it is not clear wether he will be able to rejoin his previous team. And meanwhile, Lamin Jallow is currently in Italy where he is helping his team to get ready for the start of the season.