• Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston Gets People’s Icon Award

    Jennifer Aniston is just one of the many celebrities who get to go home with a new trophy to add to their collection. The 50-year-old actress received the prestigious People’s Icon Award during the 2019 People’s Choice...

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  • Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Secret to Ageless Beauty

    Jennifer Aniston is already 50 years old but one look at her and you’ll think she’s much younger than that. She’s always been known for her flawless skin and when you compare how she looked like 10...

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  • Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston is Now on Instagram with her Friends

    Jennifer Aniston, was not on Instagram up until yesterday, believe it or not. The social media-shy actress broke the internet after she joined Instagram this Tuesday and already gained more than 7 million followers. In addition, the...

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  • Friends Clothing Line
    Ralph Lauren Creates A New Friends Collection

    Friends fans now got one more way to celebrate their favorite show. An American fashion brand Ralph Lauren together with Bloomingdale’s released a special collection inspired by the legendary TV Series Friends. The line has been developed...

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  • David Schwimmer Beer Thief
    David Schwimmer swears he didn’t steal that beer

    On Tuesday, October 23rd the British police of the seaside city of Blackpool posted a photo on Facebook of a man who allegedly stole a case of beer from a local restaurant. The post went viral all...

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  • Supporting Friends Characters: Then and Now

    It’s been more than 10 years since Ross and Rachel finally got together leaving behind all their history, and still Friends undoubtedly remain the best television sitcom ever. We never get tired of laughing at Chandler’s stupid...

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