World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions


4. Trolltunga, Troll’s Tongue, Norway

A perfect place to take a new profile picture, isn’t it? The rock sitting around 700 metres in the air with no safety railing is one of the most famous sights in Norway. You’ve probably seen many pictures of people hanging the cliff, most of them are photoshopped though. Official records report only one death so far – a young woman from Australis fell vacti of the deadly rock in 2015. The cliff itself is not the most dangerous thing about the sight: the hike to the top takes 10 to 12 hours of steep ascent; the weather is not helping most time of the year: strong winds, thick fog and endless rains make the hike almost impossible for those without special training. As a result search and rescue actions are a usual thing here. So if your dare try the hike make sure you choose the right time (tours are prohibited almost half of the year) and get a proper physical training, otherwise all the likes for a perfect photo on the edge of the cliff will be hardly worth all the effort.

3. Snake Island, Brazil

Being one of world’s many snake islands, this one is widely known as the most dangerous. Different researchers estimate the density of snake population from 1 to 5 snake per square meter. It is also the only home to one of the world’s most venomous species – Borthrops. All these snakes were trapped on the island as the sea level raise cutting this piece of land from the rest of the continent. There is a legend that one of the snakes’ victims was a lighthouse keeper who was attacked and murdered by the locals. The island lighthouse has been automated ever since. Now the island if officially closed for visitors (exception can only be made for the navy and some researches).