5 Black Friday Shopping Secrets You Should Know


Black Friday is fast approaching and people are gearing up for good deals this shopping season. The advertisements have already run rampant and it’s expected to peak on Cyber Monday, December 2.

Black Friday
Black Friday

To give yourself the biggest chance to get the best deals, this is a little guide to help you prepare yourself for the deals to come the day after Thanksgiving. Use these to get out of Black Friday with the best stuff you can get your hands on while saving a ton of money.

Some of these might be familiar but getting one new technique or two might be the edge you need to navigate the Black Friday shopping path a little easier.

1. Shop Using Discounted Gift Cards

Getting discounted gift cards is a no-brainer for the experienced shopper. Veterans will know to go to sites like Raise.com to get a couple of discounted gift cards early to help plan the route and save some money at the same time.

Lots of retailers offer gift cards too. Many of them offer up to 25% savings if you get gift cards. If you’re planning on shopping a lot, that much discount is a steal.

2. Sign Up for Emails

Forewarned is forearmed. Knowing which shops sell what things is important when planning your shopping day. Many stores have websites that offer email newsletters which say what they’re selling and when. Get through as many of these at least two weeks before Black Friday. Emails can take some time to pop up, so don’t just sign up on the day before and expect it to be there right away.

3. Prioritize Your Shopping List

Making a list of the things you want allows you to organize how your shopping day is supposed to be. Put your must-haves on the top of the list and focus on those first. The number of deals and goodies can around you can be distracting on the day, but you need to keep yourself focused. Things go away quickly, and you already know what you need.


4. Have a Backup Plan

Even the best-made plans can fail. When you miss that thing that you need, be prepared with an alternative. If you know that something’s good, there’s a good chance that other people will be rushing for it too. Get yourself a list of the second-best stuff just in case.

5. Shop With a Friend

Shopping is always fun when it’s a social activity. On Black Friday, friends can be extremely helpful. Two sets of eyes looking, for one thing, is always better than one. You can split your shopping into categories, saving each other the time you would’ve spent moving through stores and aisles alone. You’ll both get your shopping done faster and easier that way.

With these Black Friday shopping tips, you can make sure of getting the best deals out there!