5 Cheapest and Easiest Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas


Time flies so fast and before you know it, it’s already Christmas time. They say it’s one of the most festive and expensive times of the year. You have to buy presents for your family and friends, prepare delicious meals, decorate your home, and in some cases, you also have to travel to see some distant relatives. If you’re worried about overspending this holiday, you can cut your expenses with DIY gift wrapping ideas which aren’t only cheap but creative as well.

Plain or brown paper as a gift wrapper

Plain or brown paper definitely cost cheaper than those fancy glossy Christmas wrappers found in stores. You can buy several rolls of these papers and use them to wrap presents. You can add your own personal touch by tying it with twine and pine cone (you can find a lot of them in your backyard). You can also attach a printed photograph of the person you want to give the present to instead of using a traditional name gift tag.

Glass jars for sweets and treats

Whether you’re making some homemade chocolates or cookies, they can be put in reusable glass jars and tied with a red ribbon then give to family and friends during Christmas. The fact that you cooked them yourself already make them special. Putting them in glass jars is more practical than putting them in plastic bags. This way, they can use the jar for drinking water or beverages or to store other stuffs, too.

Vintage tin cans for a gift within a gift

Tin cans whether old or new can make excellent alternatives to the usual gif bags and boxes. It’s like giving the person a gift with an extra gift. Again, you can put here some treats you’ve made yourself like cookies or maybe handfuls of mini chocolates. You can also put a scarf, jewelry, hair clips, and more especially in bigger tin cans.

Paper bags from stores

Have you noticed how many stores nowadays are using paper bags instead of plastic bags to put your purchases in? Don’t throw them away. Make them more Christmasy by adding red ribbons, tinsels, or pine cones. You can even cover the store’s name or logo with a picture of Santa Clause or winter scenery.

Recycle old magazines and newspapers

It’s not exactly the wrappers that count but what are inside. This year, think of the environment and how you can help by recycling. Use some old newspapers and magazines to wrap your presents because frankly, nobody will mind. You can tie your present with red ribbons or twine with pine cones or old bell ornaments from your Christmas tree.


Consider these cheap gift wrapping ideas before you buy rolls of expensive Christmas wrappers. Show off your creativity and love for the environment with these easy to do crafts this holiday season!