9 Types of Men You Should Avoid


All men are different. All women have different tastes: some of them will only date guys with perfect bodies, others love those with a nice belly; while some women need to be guided and ruled by their men, others will rather become the men in their families themselves.
A Thought Catalog reviewer Dacia Ricketts describes types of men women usually resent and hardly ever want to marry.

The Bad Guy

bad guy

Bad guys are generally known to be liked by most women: they are daring, they are provocative and dangerous, these thing are very attractive at the beginning of a relationship. But once a woman starts thinking about something more serious, she start doubting about whether she needs someone with a criminal record in the past or a promising criminal future, someone who can easily hurt another person or even his own woman.


Even if it seems like fun to do something dangerous and exciting with a young attractive boyfriend, no woman will be happy to raise kids on her own while her husband serves another jail term.