Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Decors You Can Make in Minutes


Still wondering how you’ll decorate your house in time for Christmas? Good news because you can make your own decors without spending a lot of money. In fact, many of the DIY décors you’ll find in this article only need materials you can easily find in the house. Get ready to be creative!

Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Tree Garland

Garlands always make Christmas trees look more festive. Instead of using store-bought garlands, why not make your own? For this DIY project, you will need several cupcake wrappers in different designs and colors. Flatten and fold them in half then stack them in threes to fives to form a tree. Secure with glue and line them up in twine or yarn. You can make cut-out stars to put on top of each tree.

Pasta Shell Christmas Tree

This cute centerpiece is so easy to do and won’t cost much at all. You only need cardboard and pasta shells. First, make a cone using the cardboard to resemble a Christmas tree. Glue the pasta shell one by one around the makeshift tree. You can add tiny bow-ties and glitter as well as spray it with paint based on your desired color.

Citrus Skins Decors

If you’re fond of throwing those citrus skins in the trash bin, it’s time to gather them all and transform them into decors. Trace different ships onto the skin using a cookie cutter and pencil then cut them. Allow them to dry for a few days and then string them into a garland or as individual ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Gingerbread Cardboard House

This is a décor you can make with your kids. All you need are cardboard, markers, colored chalks or crayons, and glue. Cut the cardboard into several pieces and glue them to make a gingerbread house. Once done, you can ask your kids to help you decorate it. They can draw something on it with their crayons, markers, or chalks.

Terra-cota Reindeer

For Christmas, you may consider turning your terra-cotta flower pots into reindeer. First, clean the pots and set them aside. Next, get some craft paper to make cut-out ears and nose. Attach them to the pot with glue. For antlers, you can use pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes for the eyes. You can make your reindeer pots more attractive by adding glitter, paper twine, and beads.


What are you waiting for? Try these DIY Christmas decors today! And do not forget to get Christmas gifts for your beloved!