Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Couples


Ready for Halloween? With only a few days away before the spookiest time of the year, by now you and your partner should already have your costumes ready. But if you’re one of those who still have zero clues on what to wear, you may need a little help to ensure you don’t end up looking like complete fools during the big day.

Easy Halloween Couples Costumes

Here are some fun and easy last-minute Halloween costumes for couples that are guaranteed to make you look like you have prepared for the party:

Betty and Jughead

Betty and Jughead Halloween Couples Costumes
Betty and Jughead | Source: CW

Riverdale fan or not, Betty and Jughead are among the most iconic couples in TV series today. Riverdale itself is very popular and with these two characters having their first appearances in the hit comic series of Archie, it won’t be so hard for fellow guests to identify who you came as. For Jughead, you only need leather or jean jacket over a t-shirt and of course, don’t forget the grey beanie which is his main identification. Meanwhile, you can be Betty especially if you have long blonde hair which you can tie into a ponytail. Wear a sweater over a collared shirt and ballet flats and you’re good to go.


Vampire Couple

Vampire couple halloween costume
Source: Instagram | @thewolveandtherose

Chances are you won’t be the only pair who’ll end up dressing like vampires but who cares? For this very popular Halloween costume, you and your partner should only wear capes and fake fangs. Now in order to stand out, you have to use the right makeup. Make your faces as pale as possible and if you’re comfortable with contact lenses, please do wear red contacts to the party. You should also use fake blood and red lipstick. Meanwhile, you can ask your man to bring a black cane with him as a prop.

Hogwarts Wizards

Halloween Harry Potter Hogwards Wizards Couples Costume
Hogwarts Wizards Couples Halloween Costume| Source:

Another last-minute Halloween costumes for couples that are easy to pull off is coming to the party as one of the wizards in the Harry Potter series. You can dress your man like Harry Potter himself. You only need black robes, a wand made from a stick and of course, don’t forget to paint that popular thunderbolt scar on his forehead. Meanwhile, you can dress up as Hermione Granger or Harry’s partner, Ginny Weasely. Again you only need a black robe and a wand. And if you want to dress your kid up as well, you can try the Harry Potter Mini Boden collection, which is absolutely adorable.


With these fun last-minute Halloween costumes for couples, who would’ve thought it only took you a few days to come up with such a brilliant idea? Your friends will never know. Most importantly, you won’t feel left out at all because you’ll be there at the party dressed like other couples having a good time on Halloween!

And if you are hosting a party, don’t forget to come up with some Halloween party themes, and play some amazing Halloween games.