Easy Ways to Shed Off Those Extra Holiday Pounds


With all the festivities going on over the holidays, there were times when you couldn’t resist overeating especially when you were having a great time with friends and loved ones. You lost track of all the calories you’ve taken and now that the holidays are over, you are in a dilemma thinking of the pounds you’ve gained. Well, don’t worry because you’re not the only one who is facing this problem right now. The good news is there are many easy ways to shed off those extra holiday pounds and here are some of them:

Drink lots of water

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to drink lots of water. Sometimes people tend to mistake thirst with hunger so instead of loading up on water, they eat. If you feel hungry, try to drink water first and see if you feel fuller after. Also, it’s advisable to drink a glass of water before a big meal because it can help with digestion and at the same time make you feel fuller faster.

Don’t give in to your cravings

There are times when cravings kick in and you want nothing more than to give in to eating food you’re craving for. Don’t surrender because food cravings only last for at least 10 minutes and after that, you’ll completely forget about them. The trick is to make sure you keep yourself busy the moment you crave for food. Watch a video, get a book, clean up your desk, or walk around.

Eat often

Another popular dieting secret is to eat often. Those who are able to maintain their ideal weight eat five times a day on average. Having a light, frequent meals can effectively curb one’s appetite while providing the body with sufficient energy at the same time. This also helps improve metabolism and one’s mood.

Say no to sodas

Soft drinks or sodas contains mainly of sugar. Many people who crave something sweet would turn to drink sodas to satisfy their cravings and at the same time to quench thirst. However, drinking soda only gives the body empty calories and sugar which is dangerous to one’s health. The next time you want something to go with your meal, have a fruit juice, unsweetened iced tea or water instead. When you want to eat something sweet, have a candy instead of drinking a can or bottle of soft drinks.

Don’t forget to exercise

You don’t exactly need a gym membership just to exercise though it helps to have an expert help you lose weight. But if you don’t have the time, just go for a walk or a jog in the morning or evening. You can also do exercises like yoga at home. What’s important is to keep that body moving.


Can’t wait to shed off those extra holiday pounds? Try the tips mentioned above for a healthier and sexier new you this 2020!