Google Reveals Trendiest 2019 Halloween Costume Ideas – You Won’t Believe What’s No. 1


With only a few days away before the spookiest time of the year, Google revealed the trendiest 2019 Halloween costume ideas you shouldn’t miss out on. The list is based on Frightgeist, Google’s own analytics tool which keeps tracks of all Google searches related to this year’s Halloween costumes.

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How Google Selected Best Halloween Costumes

So how did Google do that? They analyzed search data for September 2019 and came up with results for the most popular Halloween costumes and yes, the no. 1 spot belongs to none other than the scariest clown villain ever, Pennywise from “It”. This didn’t come as a surprise after all with the release of It Chapter Two last September 6.  Last year, Fortnite got the title and it’s still one of the trendiest choices this year.

Google also uses the tool to help users look for top costumes based on their area through a map or use the “costume wizard”. This allows users to look for costumes according to spookiness or uniqueness and even based on era like classic or modern.

When it comes to buying your Halloween costume, be sure to look around and see what sellers are offering. Many stores are offering discounts with sales and promotions every day so it won’t be so hard to save on your ideal costume.


The Trendiest Halloween Costumes of 2019

Meanwhile, here’s the top five 2019 Halloween costumes according to Google:

1. It

Dress up as the most frightening killer clown ever by wearing a Pennywise costume and makeup. You can also invite your group of friends to dress up as the Derry kids to complete the cast.

2. Witch

This one never grows old from the classic look of Hocus Pocus’ Sanderson Sisters to the more modern Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

3. Spider-Man

Young or old, many love Spider-Man and it’s always been a staple among kids. Be sure to stand out on Halloween by wearing the latest Iron Spider from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

4. Dinosaur

Let’s face it. Dinosaur costumes never grow out of style. Nowadays, many are opting for the hassle-free large inflatable dino costumes. You may look like a mascot but you’ll be getting the funniest and weirdest look of the day.

5. Descendants

Disney Channel’s Descendants is very popular among teens that it’s no wonder it made it in the top five. There are different characters you can dress up as. It all depends on who’s your fave.

With Google’s 2019 Halloween costume ideas, you’re sure to turn heads and scare your friends like never before.