Fitness Guru Spills How Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Other Celebs Stay Fit During the Holidays


After the Hot Pilates and Get Hot founder Shannon Nadj found a way to cut some time from her busy schedule, Nadj finally shared some tips for healthy holiday enjoyment. Nadj pointed out that honesty, discipline, as well as keeping things balanced are one of the few things that one should really put in mind once the holiday feasting begins.

Shannon Nadj
Shannon Nadj | Instagram @shannonnadj

The fitness expert who has attracted A-list stars like Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, as well as the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, further showed examples that if one had a bottle of wine, skipping dessert should be a good thing to do because it is necessary to keep things balanced.

Nadj also added that being strict to yourself is also a good thing. Furthermore, the fitness trainer never forgot to share one of the most important tips and that is to remember to enjoy it once you indulge yourself.

In the meantime, Nadj also shared how her personal fitness flows and how she cannot do anything without having her fitness gym bag that mainly consists of a two-piece workout outfit, a pair of sneakers from Nike, water, and a JBL Reflect Flow Headphones which she loved so much for its convenience because it stays in her ear despite the mobile exercises, and how it is able to put anyone in the Zen whenever they put them on.

Moreover, the Professional Body Transformer further added how she loved her work so much that there is a point where she works too much, and there’s nothing she can do because she’s just too passionate in the work that she is doing especially in the fact that the whole process works as a support system for each other.


Furthermore, Nadj highly encourages anyone who wants to have quick workouts just before the holiday starts to check out her YouTube channel because it is a good place to start for it is good to make a preliminary cleansing of the body once you plan to really indulge yourself. She further added as a piece of final advice that doing cardio and having a significant amount of water intake is a must when one is trying to achieve the pre-cleansing of the body.

Celebrity diets are becoming more and more popular among everyone, yet the main point stressed by Shannon Nadj is that without a proper exercise and sports routine it will be impossible to achieve the desired results.