Smart Tips for a Safer Cyber Monday Shopping


Cyber Monday deals are already surfacing and everybody is excited to buy items from personal computers to the latest gadgets at very cheap prices. This holiday sale became official in 2005 but it actually started at the beginning of the online shipping craze when people have to go back to their jobs on Monday after Thanksgiving and shop from their offices.

Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday

As the popularity of Cyber Monday grows, the risks of online shopping also increase. Cybercriminals also take advantage of Cyber Monday deals to lure innocent customers into their traps. They create fake online shopping sites that look very much legit to the eyes of unsuspecting individuals with similar web addresses to scam them. Other online stores reported being infected with malware that steals credit cards.

So how do you avoid being scammed online this Cyber Monday? Here are some useful tips you protect yourself with:

Shop using a secure computer

Your computer or smartphone must be equipped with the best antivirus software to protect it from malware. Otherwise, there’s a big possibility that your transactions such as your credit card information may be compromised. Update your operating system and apps regularly.

Shop using a secure internet connection

Cybercriminals have different ways of attacking their victims and one way is by controlling the network you’re using. They make use of software that allows them to create malicious sites with encrypted connections. When shopping online, check if the site has HTTPS web protocol which encrypts communications but this is never a guarantee as scammers also find more modern ways to pass through such protocols.


Use trusted vendors and check their URL

Hackers are everywhere but you can protect yourself from them by using only trusted vendors online. For sure you have gone Cyber Monday shopping in the previous years and got the items you ordered with no suspicious activities in your account. You can buy from the same vendors to ensure your security. Try to bookmark these trusted sites to avoid being redirected to fake sites. You may also check the site’s URL especially the spelling of the web address because many scammers would clone them by changing or omitting a single letter.

Cyber Monday is one of the most anticipated holiday sales online. You can protect yourself from cybercriminals by keeping the tips presented above in mind. Happy and safe shopping!