Spooky Halloween Makeup Tips 2019 to Complete Your Look


If you’re still wondering how you can pull off that scary costume you just bought, worry no more because we have here the spookiest Halloween makeup tips 2019 to help you. Whether you want to look terrifying or just want to go for a glamorous out of this world look, these tips are heaven-sent. Halloween is fast approaching and now is the best time to start planning.

Spooky Halloween Makeup Tips 2019 to Complete Your Look
Amazing Makeup Work, Source: Instagram | @makeupbymona_

Halloween Makeup Tips

No matter how awesome your costume is, you’ll never get your desired effect if you don’t wear the right makeup. In fact, there are those who prefer to spend more time, attention and money on their Halloween makeup than their costume.

The gory makeup is very trendy during the spookiest time of the year because it can instantly transform you into a ghoul or blood-sucking vampire. You can also use it when you plan on being a ghost or a goth. Try to look for a white base matte foundation that is guaranteed to make you as pale as possible. On the other hand, if you plan on going as a corpse or zombie, you need liquid latex to create burns, cuts, and blisters. Since it is Halloween, do use a lot of bloody red and sickly green shades for your makeup.


If you want to look all glammed up for Halloween, it’s possible with the right makeup. Turn yourself into a bewitching little witch by wearing dark shades of purples and black for your eye makeup. Meanwhile, you can dress up like a princess by combining light and bold shades. Go for matte and glittery pinks, purples, yellows, silver and turquoise. You can also add some highlighters to give that extraterrestrial look.

You still have enough time to prepare before the big day. Halloween is the perfect time to be creative. It reminds you of all those times your mom had to make your costumes so you can go trick or treating around the neighborhood. Now that you’re older, be more daring. Experiment with different makeup palettes and accessories to give life to your chosen Halloween character.

Be sure to slay that costume by wearing the appropriate makeup. Follow the Halloween makeup tips 2019 mentioned above for the best results.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

And in case you still need some inspiration, here are some of the great spooky Halloween makeup ideas for you:

1. Scary Snow Queen

Scary Snow Queen Halloween Makeup Idea
Source: Instagram | @rachel_ferran via @halloweenmakeupideas

Amazingly looking makeup that is both spooky and sexy. All you have to do it to apply dark makeup and fake blood stains.


2. Spider Makeup

Spider Halloween Makeup Idea
Source: Instagram | @jodiehulme

Spiders are always in trend. This one is a little more complicated as you would have to have some skills to draw them right, yet it might be fun even with a very basic spider drawing.

3. Butterfly Makeup

Butterfly Halloween Makeup Idea
Source: Instagram | @laratilley

This is just an amazing art work that is both spooky and gorgeous. You definitely have to be a good artist to be able to pull this off though.


4. Zombie Makeup

Zombie Halloween Makeup Idea
Source: Instagram | @alatorreee

And just like spiders, zombies never get out of fashion, when it comes to some spooky makeup ideas. It is very simple to apply, yet looks really good if you do it right.

5. Vampire Makeup

Vampire Halloween Makeup Idea
Source: Instagram | @roxettearisa

Another classic makeup idea is definitely a vampire one. It is the easiest one to pull off, yet still looks great.