US National Taco Day: History, Deals And More


Every year on October 4 people all over the US are going crazy over tacos. And not for no reason, as it is officially a National Taco Day in the country. In this article we’ve gathered some essential information on the history of this holiday and deals Americans can get for free or just really-really cheap on this day.

Image by stina_magnus from Pixabay

History Of US National Taco Day

It is not known when was the very first Taco Day celebrated, yet the earliest mention of it was in Congressional Record from back in 1968. It was first used to celebrate it on may 3rd (Mexico celebrates it on that day), yet it was later most likely moved to early October.

And although tacos first became popular in the US only in the 1920s and spread around the country from California, people South from the US border have been consuming this meal for years before that. Some evidence even suggests, that tacos were popular among the Native Americans even before the Spaniards came.


Deals Americans Can Get

There are a bunch of free or cheap deals going on around the US to celebrate the National Taco Day. Let’s not forget that the main purpose of this day is to increased taco consumption, and thus companies will do everything they can to encourage higher sales numbers of this meal. Well, you can still enjoy this as a consumer though. Just be careful to not go to heavy on this meal, especially if you celebrated a Mean Girls Day the day before and had a lot of that cheesy fries.

Taco Bell

The most popular taco chain in the US, and probably in the world would not dare to not celebrate a National Taco Day. In fact, they have created a special National Taco Day Gift Set which Americans can purchase for only $5. It’s not free, yet it is definitely not expensive.

Del Taco

You can actually get a free taco at Del Taco on National Taco Day. No need to pay, all you have to do is to sign up for their members club or simply download a company mobile app. That’s easy enough.

Chronic Tacos

This company went a little further and got just a tiny bit more creative than some of their competitors. You can still get a free taco at Chronic Tacos on National Taco Day, yet you have to know the secret word that is revealed on social media. That’s a fun quest.

Jack in the Box

You can get two free tacos in Jack In The Box on National Taco Day. All you have to do is make a purchase and sign up for their email subscription. It is not hard, especially if you are craving for some food.


On the Border

If you are not familiar with it, that’s not a location, it’s a name of a chain. And in order to get unlimited tacos on National Taco Day you would just have to pay $9.99 at On The Border and get all-you-can-eat tacos. Guess you would not go for any more free meals at other locations.

Tacos are great. And just like Slurpees on Slurpee Day you should be able to get those for free or cheap at least once a year. And we all just wish there would be a day to celebrate every amazing meal.